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Based on the notion of a boxing fighter and the spirit of our name, we established a collaboration with the World Boxing Council. They recognize and validate the existence of our life fighters. The champion belt its awarded once the championship fight against the disease (surgery) is won and the patient transplanted. To achieve our goal we created a character based on the supported patient attributes. We generate a 3D model and define several traits for it. This NFT represents a person that lives with the disease and is fighting every day to be in top shape, ready to step into the ring. The NFT is minted and awarded for support either in money, media, promotion or talent. The character with the champion belt already exists in the metaverse, it represents the healthy version of our life fighter


NFT Gold Championship WBC Belt

These NFT´s are awarded by our Executive Board to recognize exceptional human beings that our supporting our cause. They are a symbol of Fight For Life Club appreciation for an extra effort done to help and support our Life Champions. Each NFT is minted in series of 10 copies. These are distributed as follows.

  • 2 for the person who the NFT is awarded

  • 2 for the surgeons that will perform the procedure for our Life Fighter.

  • 2 for our Life Champion as the ultimate trophy after winning the fight.

  • 2 for Fight For Life Club Collection,

  • 2 for WBC Cares as a donation to support the causes are focusing on.


Behind each of our NFT´s there is a real person that needs our support. By adding one of our NFT´s to your collection, you are saving lives!

Our NFT´s are UNIQUE because:

• Each one represents the existence of a life fighter, taking care of his health, waiting and getting ready to have the opportunity to fight.

• The recognition of the World Boxing Council that validates the existence of our fighters in the metaverse.

• The fact that our supporters are giving our fighters the chance to fight and the opportunity to win against the disease to save their lifes

• By acquiring this NFT you are contributing to pay for her medical expenses, help other patients and our foundation programs.

• Your help to save Fatima will save other children too!

• When you buy an NFT’s you are weaving a life-saving rope that will help not only Fatima but also other kids that follow

Our NFT´s are the RAREST of all because:

Its very common to find people who are:

  • Selfish
  • Aggressive
  • Ungrateful
  • Angry
  • Indiferent
  • Scared
  • Depressed

What is extremely rare is to be

  • Grateful
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Generous
  • Humble
  • Faithful
  • Joyful

Every person that has one of our NFT´s is an exceptional human being. The uncommon and the rarest to find. They are giving a chance to one of our champions to win their fight and survive!


  • You can participate to have a VIP experience and passes to music concerts with a Meet & Greet of the artist.
  • Chance to acquire access to VIP tickets of the most important Box Championship fights.
  • Preview and a chance to participate in private digital art auctions
  • Preferred access to new Fight For Life Club NFT collections
  • First right to offer on wonderful trip experiences built to support our cause.

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